Terms of service

Any user who decided to use services of the website DosugKazani has to understand that this document containing the mass of conditions and rules extends absolutely to any interactions with the website DosugKazani and gains validity from the moment of confirmation of a consent with all points of this document. In case of refusal from observance of any paragraphs of the present agreement, it is offered to user to leave the website in the shortest possible time.


  1. Subject of Terms of service
    1. Given the legal document is a guarantor of interaction of the DosugKazani project with its participants. Are understood any activity on the Internet resource as interaction: publication of any information, and also use of already placed;
    2. The present agreement is an integral part of the website DosugKazani. If necessary it is subject to change and adjustment from creators of the project without any notifications of users. The corrected edition of the agreement gets force two days later after its publication (if other is not specified in the document).
  2. Description of the Website
    1. DosugKazani is the open area devoted to acquaintance and the subsequent pastime of the persons which reached full age age;
    2. Placement of any questionnaires occur on a voluntary and free basis the users registered on the project. The administration of the website is not engaged in check or moderation of the placed questionnaires;
    3. Any information capable to lead to disclosure incognito of the project, any of participants, is strictly forbidden. Placement in questionnaires or any other way of personal information (a full name, phone numbers, residential addresses) is inadmissible. For causing any damage to the person, whose personal information were opened, everything bears responsibility the user them opened;
    4. It is necessary to understand that stay on the website can lead to viewing of information which is undesirable or at all offensive for you. DosugKazani can be filled with graphic and text information of sexual character which viewing is allowed only after achievement of full age age. In addition, some questionnaires may contain data, being nothing else as a payment for carrying out leisure with this user;
    5. All site content of DosugKazani is intended for viewing by the persons who exclusively reached full age age. Depending on the country of accommodation by those two age are: 18 years and 21 years. Besides majority any participant of the DosugKazani project should not possess various medical contraindications which can limit him from visit of websites of this sort. All responsibility for themselves in the time spent for the website DosugKazani is born by exclusively participants;
    6. This project represents a huge spectrum of various on-line services. All services existing at the moment and opportunities implicitly submit to the present terms of service. All opportunities of the DosugKazani project are under control of administration. It has the right for change, moderation, and also shutdown of these or those services. Any works can be carried out without notice the user. In addition, creators of the project do not guarantee 100% operability of all services and functions, but do everything possible for this purpose. Creators of the website are not responsible for any user information therefore they it are published in the look conceived by this or that user.
  3. Registration and safety
    1. After registration passing each user gets access to the functionality closed from ordinary passersby and also login and unique the password - information necessary for a constant entrance on the website. Each user bears responsibility for these data. Any transfer of login and the password to the third parties is strictly forbidden. In case of loss or theft of data for an entrance the user is obliged to notify administration of the project in any way. The administration does not bear responsibility for damage of any user data;
    2. The account on the DosugKazani project - personal property of each user. To transfer him to other people or to accept from them inadmissibly. Between you and certain third parties creators of the website do not bear responsibility for creation of any arrangements. Participants of the DosugKazani project are responsible for any connections concluded in a circumvention of the present terms of service with third parties and which caused theft or damage of personal data of users personally;
    3. In case of violation of any of paragraphs of this agreement by some user, the administration of the project has full authority to freeze his account with the subsequent removal of this or that information.
  4. Rights and duties of users
    1. Creators of the DosugKazani portal bear responsibility only for the material presented by them. Any content loaded, transferred or used by users of the website is not reliable for 100%. Persons them created are responsible for any materials transferred between users. Quality and the maintenance of these details is not estimated by administration of the project, and, therefore, may contain inexact data;
    2. Before receiving access to full functionality of the website, all users have to be convinced of quality of the registration data entered by them. This information is obliged to be reliable and not affecting private life of third-party people. Sanctions will be applied to the user using data of other people. Also it is necessary remembering that all information on participants (the personal information specified in the questionnaire, multimedia, etc.) becomes public and can be used in various purposes (to the discretion of administration).
    3. Standards of behavior on the website:
      1. Any interaction with information (loading, transfer, distribution, etc.) extremist character is strictly forbidden! The persons using this or that information for incitement of the international, religious conflicts, and also spreading materials, propaganda character will be deprived of all rights to use the DosugKazani resource. Besides, any unseemly behavior (an insult and the rough attitude towards other users) will be stopped, and perpetrators - are punished;
      2. Unseemly behavior concerning citizens of minor age, and also the various actions promoting infliction of harm to the above-named persons in this or that form are strictly forbidden;
      3. The publication of any pornographic materials is forbidden;
      4. All users of this website are equal. Infringement of these or those participants of the DosugKazani project is inadmissible;
      5. Will pretend to be other personality it is strictly forbidden! If you give yourself for other person or the representative of any commercial organization, the administration of the project will take due measures for the solution of the arisen problem;
      6. Placement or any other interaction with content which placement on third-party resources is forbidden by the current legislation of the Russian Federation or any other documents having validity;
      7. Use of materials to which extend user and copyright, inadmissibly. Any publication or any other interaction with content which placement is inadmissible in open access it is forbidden;
      8. Distribution of advertizing links, uncoordinated to administration of the DosugKazani project, for the purpose of receiving earnings or any other benefit inadmissibly. Any information containing various schemes on earnings and also a spam component, cannot be published;
      9. Loading on the website of the program code which is carrying out actions for theft of these users, and also any other malicious software and references to those is strictly forbidden. All essence of these programs consists in deterioration in operability of computers of users, theft of personal information, the passwords given for access to electronic commerce, collecting various personal information on users, receiving remote access to the computers registered on the DosugKazani project, and to use that ON inadmissibly.
      10. It is also forbidden:
        1. To collect personal data of users with their subsequent storage
        2. To interfere with normal work of the website (to make various DDoS - the attacks)
        3. To represent unduly various organizations and individuals
        4. Specially to violate conditions of the present agreement, and also to interfere with observance of the agreement to other users
        5. To place advertizing of the various illegal organizations (brothels, underground casinos, etc.)
        6. Any violation of the above-stated points can lead to final blocking of the account on the website DosugKazani.
    4. When blocking the account the money made in the website does not come back. That blocking did not happen it is necessary to comply with all paragraphs of this terms of service implicitly.
    5. Any content which is published on the website DosugKazani does not undergo obligatory testing for reliability and usefulness. In a case the administration of the website has full authority for removal of this or that content. Before placement users have to check the published material: it has to correspond to all paragraphs of terms of service and not contradict the current legislation. In any disputable a situation the user bears full responsibility for all placed material.
    6. Transfer of any content is carried out by means of the Internet thereof, material can change anyway.
    7. Use of the website DosugKazani for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. Copying, transfer and distribution of information taken from the website without the permission of administration will cause blocking of the account of the user her stolen;
    8. It is necessary to remember that besides the registered users, on the website there can be persons who did not create a personal profile. Their behavior is not regulated by terms of service, and the administration does not bear responsibility for their acts.
  5. References
    1. The website DosugKazani can be filled with the various references and advertizing banners placed by administration. However the maintenance of similar posts can differ with any beliefs of users. Creators of the DosugKazani project are not responsible for informative fullness of those banners and do not bear for it responsibility.
  6. The rights of the Website concerning content of the Website
    1. Any content used on the project has various copyright, is protected by the trademark and other normative legal acts forbidding use of this material for commercial purposes. Any change or other use of the provided material without special consent from administration is inadmissible;
    2. Any activity on the website means individual use. The administration of the website does not bear any responsibility for the actions made by the third parties from your profile;
    3. The publication of any material on the website DosugKazani means full transfer of all rights for information placed by users. From this point creators of the project have full authority to delete the materials containing unreliable or inadmissible information.
  7. Release from guarantees
    1. Before use of the website all users have to will agree with the following items of the agreement:
      1. All services presented on the website are placed in an initial look. If any service did not meet expectations of users, the administration of the website is not guilty of it;
      2. DosugKazani does not guarantee:
        1. Compliance of services to expectations of participants;
        2. Operability of all services;
        3. Truthfulness and reliability of any information on the website;
        4. Results of work of services can differ from expected;
        5. Failures in work can be corrected in the shortest possible time;
      3. All users bear responsibility for use of the various materials taken from the DosugKazani project. It is necessary to remember that loading of any content on the personal computer can lead to irreversible consequences;
      4. Creators of the project should not pay material compensation for causing to participants of the losses connected with non-compliance with points of this document by them. In order to avoid any problems it is necessary to study this document attentively;
      5. The administration of the project does not bear responsibility for the publication of the user content the third parties. In case of plagiarism, injured users have to act according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
      6. If services of the website did not help this or that user to achieve desirable result for the sake of which he visited this service, creators of the website are not guilty of it;
      7. In case of the proof of guilt of administration of the website in this or that problem, it is obliged to pay to the victim a certain material sum which cannot exceed 200 US dollars.
  8. Final provisions
    1. All relationship between users and the website is fixed legally and completely lawful;
    2. Creation of any friendly, friendly or other similar communities between participants of the project and administration of the website for achievement of commercial purposes, is forbidden by this terms of service;
    3. If any paragraph of the present terms of service is cancelled by the current legislation or law enforcement agencies, then it will be changed or removed. Other paragraphs of the agreement at the same time will continue to function;
    4. If the administration of the website for any reasons stays idle and does not react to violation by users of conditions of this agreement, it does not mean that the agreement is cancelled. Sanctions will be imposed anyway, and all guilty persons will be anyway punished.